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BORAN CARE ASIA Co., LTD. A women led startup that produces natural cosmetic products.

Boran Care is a Cambodian authentic beauty company. They design modern skincare products to fulfil modern lifestyle demands. Their mission is to create skin care products that improve skin health from sustainable resources.

Boran Care uses locally sourced sustainable botanical ingredients with high concentrations of potent antioxidants and aroma. Throughout the R&D process, they strive to position themselves as a luxury skincare product in Cambodia.


Skincare and Hair Care: To fulfil the demand of over one million potential customers.

There are about 2.3 million Cambodian women aged between 25 and 45. Based on the survey conducted by Boran Care, more than 50% of this segment is the potential customers who can afford to purchase cosmetic products priced at USD 10 or more.

Boran Care is an emerging cosmetic company that builds an authentic brand and premium products in Cambodia. The company expansion goal is to launch a new assortment of skincare for men and haircare in 2024, scaling up the production to provide OEM and ODM to local cosmetic entrepreneurs. The company’s financial goal is to maintain a positive cash flow and a healthy profit margin throughout the expansion process. 

Contact Information

Pongro Village, Sangkat Kompong Svay, Serei Saophoan city, Banteay Meanchey, Cambodia

Ms. NHIM Sorida – Co-Founder/CEO

(+855)17 91 22 00

BORAN CARE - បុរាណឃែរ

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